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An Inspiring world

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

This is where I talk about my inspirations. I find inspiration everywhere I look it can come from anywhere from the flutter of a birds wing to the extremist of music (so glad for the madness). My work can be dark and creepy but I feel there is a sense of beauty in that and not all that glitters is gold. I start off with an idea and usually the end product is far from what was intended. It is a journey that takes my imagination and skills to new places which is a mixture of frustration and wonder. As I said I get inspired every day by different things but the people who inspire me and keep me going are my close friends and family including my cat Yoshimitsu! As for famous people well there are so many so I'll just name a few Zdzislaw Beksiński, David Bowie, Dave McKean, Trent Reznor, H.R Giger, David Lynch Frank Zappa and Johnathan Davis. I strongly recommend you check them all out

A true inspiration

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