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Tools of the trade

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

So my work is mixed media and can be digital or hand drawn or a mixture of both. I prefer to work with a large space so my work is usually A3 paper sized, this allows me to really get my ideas down and gives me a challenge to fill the whole page. I sometimes start with an idea on my phone or computer then perfect it on canvas. However this is often a back and forth routine scanning in my work printing out templates etc which can take a-lot of time. I'm the kind of person that can't wait to start the next project and often have a few projects that I work on Simultaneously. I work with a few different digital programs for my art such as Photoshop (no surprises there) Sketchbook and Snapseed as well as others. I often switch between all of these whist working on a project. As for my drawings I use acrylic paints, Charcoal and ink.

This is my first sold painting
Nature of Binary (ttv 1/2)

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